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June, 2001 – Vision Magazine:
Author Says "Just Take One Step" by Penny C. Sansevieri

With her book, The Land of I Can, San Diego author Susan Gilbert has created a deceptively simple way of overcoming a variety of potentially debilitating challenges with her "take one step."

Recently, Susan received a letter from a local Children’s Disability Council. It detailed the story of a nine-year-old boy who had suffered abuse by his father and lost his mother to cancer. Now, living with his grandmother, he is haunted by nightmares and rarely sleep through the night. He sustained lung damage due to his premature birth, and also suffers from an eating disorder. His grandmother received a copy of The Land of I Can and began reading it to him. Now, three weeks later, he sleeps through the night, needs less medication for his lung disorder and has gained three pounds! The book was donated to the Children’s Disability Council by The IAM Foundation, an organization whose mission is to gift life-changing books, products and events to children and youth worldwide.

Stories like this are just one of many that I’ve come across since I began working with Susan. What is most remarkable about his book is that it is only 52 pages in length. Yet its groundbreaking method demonstrates how taking one step can make all the difference. In fact, several well-known local therapists agree that its message is incredibly powerful.

June, 2001 – San Diego Metropolitan
San Diego Scene, by Publisher, Gary Shaw – California Cuisine Restaurant & Catering on University Avenue is selling the book, "The Land of I Can", to customers, which is not surprise to the author, San Diegan Susan Gilbert, show also markets the 52-page take as a corporate incentive and employee gift. The merit is obvious, sort of like a "One Minute Manager’ quickie for the heart. It’s also a beautiful book illustrated by Jill Holden. An entrepreneur better known as the original baker behind Lil Miss Muffins, Gilbert founded Unity Products and Press and to sell the book and herself as a motivational speaker. The book sells for $18.95 at the Website.

Proof of the book’s power: Often bickering Point Loma sisters, ages 5 and 8, embraced, kissed and quietly said "good night" after Dad read them "The Land of I Can."

Jim Cox, Editor
The Land Of I Can: An Adventure In Life is an inspiring, informative, and original book of self-empowerment ideal for readers of any age or background seeking to live their life to the fullest. Susan Gilbert's engaging and thought-provoking text of poetically expressed observations are wonderfully enhanced with the artwork of Jill E. Holden. The Land Of I Can will be read over and over again -- and become a treasured gift passed along from friend to friend.


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