The Land of I Can An Adventure in Life
Speaking Information: Living your life by Choice, not by Chance
Susan Gilbert, Keynote Speaker on:
Coping with Change, Success in Life, Goal Setting, Creativity

Susan is a motivational speaker. Her message encourages the passion and purpose of audience members to release their potential and move past self-limiting beliefs, motivating them to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

With over 20 years in the business world, Susan speaks from experience. She brought the unfolding technology of microcomputers to both small and large businesses and created one of the first direct sales teams to interact with MIS departments. Susan learned the leadership skills necessary for empowering OTHERS to create opportunities for themselves in a rapidly changing work environment.

A dynamic stage presence, Susan’s enthusiasm for life will capture your audience’s attention. Susan weaves her own personal experiences into her programs with a unique, down-to-earth and engaging style. Her book, The Land of I Can, is the basis for her talks. The book and her presentations move people through the emotion of change and encourage more success and joy in life.

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Created for people who:
  • need to make a career change or manage an ongoing career more effectively.
  • want to address life planning issues.
  • are seeking more meaningful work.
  • look for greater balance between work and personal activities

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Land of I Can Speaking Topics:
The Land of Apathy
"Finding more Joy"

The Land of Fear
"Letting Go of Self-defeating Beliefs"

The Land of Sorrow
"Overcoming Loss"

The Land of Ashes
"Creating New Beginnings"

The Land of I Can
"Transforming Change and Adversity"

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